What is an Alternative Gift Market?

 A different kind of shopping experience...

Gifts at an Alternative Gift Market are purchased in honor of family and friends. Instead of buying a traditional gift (chocolates, flowers, jewelry) for loved ones, a shopper at this market can buy a gift that provides food for Haitian children, or a solar oven for a rural village in Uganda. 

The typical Market takes place in a special location, like a church patio or a neighborhood community center. Colorful booths are set up to represent the various Alternative Gift projects. Gifts are "purchased" by people attending the Markets, much as they would shop for traditional gifts in a store...except these gifts are for national and international humanitarian projects focused on saving lives and preserving our planet.



Photo Credits - Cedar Rapids AGM and Idaho Falls Holy Rosary Church

Why Alternative Giving?

  • Because so many of the world's critical needs today are going unmet.
  • Because of our capacity to give.
  • Because Uncle Harry doesn't need yet another silk necktie.

Why Alternative Gift Markets?

  • Because they are a celebration of abundant life for all the world's people.
  • Because they are an appropriate nonprofit response to consumerism.
  • Because they have raised millions of dollar for the world's poorest while building peaceful global community. 

Why Alternative Gifts International?

  • Because AGI has given 30 years of service to people in crisis and a planet in peril.
  • Because AGI is accountable and thoroughly validates all of its recommended projects.
  • Because AGI provides everything you need for a successful gift market. 

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