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Nov. 17 2011:
A new type of Christmas market was introduced Saturday in Marion

Feb 1: AGI Invests with FONKOZE to Assist with Economic Development in Haiti

Two non-profit organizations with strong ties to Haiti have found a creative way to take the next step after disaster relief toward helping Haitians build a successful future.

 Dec. 11:  AGI: Changing Lives by Changing the World of Gifting.
Since its inception in 1987 AGI has literally transformed the world of gift giving. For 22 years it has been the catalyst that has allowed gift-givers to donate more than $19 million dollars to numerous charities worldwide on behalf of a loved one.

Dec. 3: Making the World a better Place Through on-line Holiday Shopping: Alternative Gifts International
Internet-powered alternative gifting offers a convenient economical way to do something special for loved ones and improve the lives of people around the world with life sustaining projects and supplies.

Dec. 2: Air America List AGI as Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas
When looking at gifts for this holiday season, why not consider an alternative gift, such as donating to charity? But for those of you wary of just handing money over to some group which may use most of it for administrative costs, here are a couple of ways to ensure your money is doing concrete good.

August 2009 Pantry & Shelters Gift Payouts 2007-2009
Each year agencies nominate pantries & shelters to receive AGI grants.

Jan. 2006 "There's no end to the list of useful gifts you can give" (CNN)
Poverty and devastation remains persistent across most countries. How far do a few dollars go to help?

Dec. 2005 Gifts with a Conscience (Lawrence Journal World)

Agencies provide a chance to help needy families nearby and far away in an Alternative Gift Market.

Nov. 2005 "These gifts can make a world of difference" (Winona Daily News)

A Gift that keeps on giving. "Most people don't even remember what they received for Christmas last year, but those who received alternative gifts never forget."



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