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  Nov 2010 - Feb 2011

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Firstly we would like to express gratitude to all our Donors. The purpose of AGI is to empower you, our donors, to help the world’s poor and to save the environment. Your gifts have fed the hungry, housed the homeless, educated the poor and given medical aid to the sick and dying. We received numerous proposals from global charities this year. After meticulous research and review we have selected a balance of projects that will encourage your continued support, and inspire you to share the Alternative Gift giving message with others.

Our new AGI 2010 – 2011 Gift Catalog “My Shopping List for the World,” has launched and is available online! (Visit We are reducing our carbon footprint and mailing just one catalog prior to the holiday season. Expect to receive your copy in September 2010.

As AGI progresses into a new catalog year we have many goals in mind. Our primary goal is to continue to become a more “outward” organization. For almost 25 years our outward connections have been established through two core areas: Alternative Gift Markets and Gift Giving Donors.

Our new AGI 2010–2011 Gift Catalog “My Shopping
List for the World,” has launched and is available online!
(Visit Expect to receive your printed
copy in September 2010.

Potential new markets attract greater awareness and support for our global causes. In this newsletter you will see that we are asking you to help “spread the word” and assist with widening the span of our Alternative Gift Market base. We realize our donors and market coordinators are vital to the mission we are set on accomplishing, and we view you as our partner in growth toward our mutual continued support of environmental and humanitarian causes. As we move into this catalog year we thank you for your support in our endeavor to change the world one gift at a time.

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