AGI Growth and Outreach Fund

AGI's Growth and Outreach Fund is used to develop and administer philanthropy education programs for all age groups in our ongoing effort to increase awareness of global needs. Unrestricted donations also enable us to build many Alternative Gift Markets and to administer AGI's total program.


AGI does its work on an extremely tight budget so we can channel every dollar possible into our sponsored projects. In fact, this is so important that we actually require project administrators to use AGI's donations 100 percent for the projects alone and not for their administrative expenses. We also follow up to ensure this has been done.


With the generosity of donors like yourself and our tight operations policy, AGI has sent over $21 million since 1986 to designated projects around the world. Globally, the need for the simple basics of existence like food, shelter, and clean water has never been greater. Thank you for your support in AGI's efforts to reach out to our global neighbors so they can survive and thrive.

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