Cedar Rapids Alternative Gift Market
Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, 9000 C Ave, Marion, IA

*** Through December 21st ***

Support various non-profits by giving "Alternative Gifts". A food box, a water pump, a mosquito net, or chicks and seeds!

- Please enter promo code CEDAR to get 50% off greeting cards!


Choose any of the following worldwide projects listed in AGI's catalog:

#1. Stability for Farming Families
#2. Rabbits, Bees & Trees
#3. Help the Hungry & Homeless
#4. Hope for India's Street Kids
#5. Safe Homes for Orphans
#6. Scholarships for Students
#7. Empower Students for the Future
#8. Desk & Chairs for Rural Students
#9. Helping Rebuild their Future
#10. Teaching 'Untouchables' a Trade
#11. Rescue Girls from Sex Trafficking
#12. Empowering Women and Girls
#13. Harvesting Water for Schools
#14. Protection from Abuse & Slavery
#15. 'Hugging Grannies" for Orphans
#16. Saving Lives of Moms and Babies
#17. Backpacks Full of Healthcare
#18. Saving Lives with Bicycles
#19. Warmth and Comfort for the Sick
#20. Wheelchairs for the Disabled
#21. Where Needed Most
#22. A Project Supporting AGI's Mission
#23. Help the Blind See
#24. Clean Water for Rural Homes
#25. Cooking with 'Rocket Stoves'
#26. Family Vegetable Gardens
#27. Growing Stronger Together
#28. Fresh Water Wells for Sudan
#29. Home Sweet Home
#30. Micro-loans Changing Lives

 About ordering a gift

  - Alternative gifts are tax-exempt; a receipt for the amount of your order will be mailed only to you.
- Separately, an announcement insert of your gift(s) will be mailed to your honorees, or to you, according to your instructions.

To Order:


Your order will be processed within two business days. Or, you may stipulate a later mailing date. (If ordering online, enter your requested mailing date in the "Comments" section of your Shopping Basket page.)
1. Start by clicking on the link for the gift you wish to order.
2. Then, click on "Give a Gift."
3. Select a greeting card (optional), tell us how you want it signed and complete your order. You may also order by phone at 800-842-2243 or mail.


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