Wedding Registry for Katie Matsuura and Jarod Sorum

*** 1718 N. 9th Street #3, Boise, ID 83702 ***

Wedding Date: July 11, 2013

When considering our gift registry options, Jarod and I realized we have so much already both spiritually and materially. There are many people in the world who are in great need. Please consider an alternative gift as a way to honor us and the love we share. -Katie and Jarod




Choose any of the following worldwide projects listed in AGI's catalog:

#1. Food Security for Farming Families / Zambia

#2. Yaks for Youth / Western China

#3. Help Hungry & Homeless Americans / US & Canada

#4. "Pay it Forward" with Goats / Haiti

#5. Unleashing the Potential of Boys and Girls / Kenya

#6. Helping Kids Stay in School / Myanmar

#7. Books for the Joy of Reading / Nicaragua

#8. Scholarships for Students / Haiti

#9. Access to Education for Women and Children / Mexico

#10. Empower Women and Their Children / Vietnam

#11. Rescue Girls From Forced Prostitution / India and SE Asia

#12. Leadership and Job Readiness Skills for Women / USA

#13. Cancer Treatment For Children / Tanzania

#14. Hugging Grannies for China's Orphans / China

#15. Clean Water for Rural Communities / Bolivia

#16. Healthy Babies are Happy Babies / Mexico

#17. Mobile Phones Save Moms and Babies / India

#18. Midwives for Peace / Israel and Palestine

#19. Healthcare Clinic for Moms and Babies / Haiti

#20. Bikes for Healthcare Workers in Africa / Namibia

#21. Where Needed Most / Global

#22. Supporting AGI's Mission / Global

#23. Medicine for Backpack Healthcare Workers / Burma

#24. Saving the Sight of Children / Cambodia

#25. Fresh Water Wells / South Sudan

#26. Solar Energy For Tribal Families / Reservations in Western USA

#27. Protect Rainforests for Indigenous People / Brazil

#28. Trees and Hope for the Rural Poor / Global

#29. Hope and Opportunity with Microloans / Global

#30. Build Homes for Haitian Families / Haiti





About ordering a gift


 - Alternative gifts are tax-exempt; a receipt for the amount of your order will be mailed only to you.
- Separately, an announcement insert of your gift(s) will be mailed to your honorees, or to you, according to your instructions.

To Order:1. Start by clicking on the link for the gift you wish to order.
2. Then, click on "Give a Gift."
3. Select a greeting card (optional), tell us how you want it signed and complete your order. You may also order by phone at 800-842-2243 or mail.

Your order will be processed within two business days. Or, you may stipulate a later mailing date. (If ordering online, enter your requested mailing date in the "Comments" section of your Shopping Basket page.)



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