US Military Officer serving in Afghanistan donates through AGI!

Emails like this cause us to pause and think about the unique spirit of the giver. Jane C is serving on the front line in Afghanistan. She has experienced and seen first-hand that which destroys us, and therefore knows what needs to change. She has the freedom to spend her hard earned money on whatever she wants, but chooses, instead, to support causes that will “make the world a better place.”

Jane C writes…


My guess is that my email will be unlike any that you receive. I'm on active duty currently stationed in Afghanistan.

I learned about Alternative Gifts International in an article on the Davidson College web site. I'm a 1987 Davidson grad, and I figured if the Chaplain's office have had a 16-year relationship with your organization -- it was more than good enough for me.

Several years ago my family started focusing on alternative gifts at Christmas -- so this was a natural fit.

Thankfully, there was a link to your web site in the article -- and I was able to click my way through all my Christmas gifts! And I felt great when I got done, knowing that I had played a small role in advancing several very important causes around the globe.

I am a firm believer that projects like the ones I was able to support will make the world a better place. And for a career military officer - that is ALWAYS a better thing.

Thank you for what you do, and I will be happy to spread the news about alternative gifts!


Jane C
U.S. Navy


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