Making the world a better place through on-line holiday shopping: Alternative Gifts International

December 3
Source: Sacramento Cyber Safety Examiner - Joanna Jullien


Internet-powered alternative gifting offers a convenient economical way to do something special for loved ones and improve the lives of people around the world with life sustaining projects and supplies. While alternative gifting is not new, the on-line purchase makes it a stress-free, feel-good purchase for the loved ones you are honoring.

And it’s not too late to make purchases for this holiday season.

Holly Upton of Roseville, Ca., makes her honor gift purchases at Alternative Gifts International, (AGI) established in 1986. “I have based my purchases on the interests of who was getting the gift,” said Upton, “One year I purchased a contribution to a sanitation project in a third world community to honor my husband who is an engineer. And to honor my sister who is a nurse, I have purchased medical supplies for a community in need.”

Upton says that AGI gifting is a great concept that is appreciated.

In spite of the global financial crisis of the past couple of years, the AGI projects continue to address world hunger, child mortality, education, health and medicine for communities around the globe, and the money you provide is allocated directly to the people involved in the projects you choose. “Although the financial crisis has affected us significantly, we have never failed to continue to track and distribute every dollar due to the partner non-profit agencies that we feature in our catalog/website,” said Lea McCloud, AGI President, who explains further that AGI has annual audits and AGI retains only 10% of the donation for operations.

The gift investment can be any dollar amount. Some examples of purchases to address World Hunger include:

$86 - One goat for a cooperative family to graze and breed
$10 – one-half kilo of earthworms or four ducks

North America – Feeding Homeless
$28 – Groceries for a family of four for two days
$2 – Groceries for one person for one day

Each purchase comes with photos and a description of the problem situation, and the organization working with the community and details of how the money is used. Major credit cards are accepted.

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