Shopping to Help AGI Operations

***You can help AGI even when doing all your shopping*** 


Our Global Vision Shopping Mall
When you do your online shopping for traditional items, at least 10% of your purchase will be returned to AGI to help us meet our operating expenses.

  • Go to your fundraising shopping mall Take advantage of the amazing offers and savings - shop at any of the 1000+ retail stores. (WalMart, Office Depot, DELL, E-bay, Hickory Farms….) Remember each and every purchase made through shopping Mall means cash back to Alternative Gift Markets.
  • Spread the Word! Shop and Fundraise! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell everyone you know that they can save time and money and raise funds for Alternative Gift Markets by shopping on your website. Let people know how easy it is! Go to and shop. Expanding the number of shoppers at your Shop & Fundraise website is easier than you may realize. There are many friends and family members who might not be active supporters or members of your Non-Profit organization; yet, if they knew of a simple way to help a good cause, they would likely do so. After all, they are already making purchases at many of the 1000+ stores in the Mall! and
If you purchase item(s) by clicking one of the links below, AGI will receive at least 5% of the sale price. It's another way to help AGI in our mission to help the world's poor and oppressed.

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