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Native Americans continue to advocate for the protection of Mother Earth on their tribal lands. The dishonoring of land treaties and racially motivated violence towards them is making it difficult to honor their commitment.

The principal work of the Aboriginal Justice Team, a division of CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAMS (CPT), is to partner with indigenous communities in Canada to seek justice for First Nations and defend their lands against destruction and exploitation through nonviolent solutions. Once a team of trained peacemakers is invited to assist a Native community, they participate in peaceful actions together to restore terms of treaties and support resolutions that are acceptable to affected First Nations.

Since 2007 CPT has supported the efforts of the Algonquin First Nation of eastern Ontario to peacefully protect their land from unwanted exploratory uranium drilling. In 2009 CPT participated in a legal encampment and vigil with the
Beausoleil First Nation to prevent a source of drinking water on their territory from becoming a landfill.


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